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Cariocca means business

Talk to us – you’ll discover there’s
nowhere else like Cariocca.

We’re dedicated to helping people from all backgrounds to start and grow successful businesses, creating much-needed jobs.
Cariocca offers you a unique combination:
A wide choice of business spaces with low costs, no hidden charges and no lease to tie you down – it’s easy-in and easy-out
Training, coaching and professional services to help you grow your business profitably
Our own support staff are permanently on site to make your life easier

Call Now Ardwick 0161 273 6605 or Miles Platting 0161 277 9660

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Office Space & Commercial Units to Rent in Manchester

At Cariocca, we specialise in offering modern and secure units to rent in Manchester, specially created to cater to a wide range of different businesses, and ideal for new and budding SMEs. ...

Tenant in workshop

We help create opportunities, not obstacles

People from the inner city don’t always feel supported and encouraged to make a go in business, especially if they’re from an ethnic minority background. Cariocca is here to challenge that negativity – we’re dedicated to helping you succeed. ...

Support and training  for  businesses

Support from friendly professionals

Accountancy, law, financial planning, marketing – don’t let a lack of knowledge in these areas hold you back from launching your business. All you need is the great idea and the drive to succeed. At Cariocca you’ll find many friendly faces with the expert skills to guide you. ...

Staff & Board members of Cariocca

Come and have a chat with us

There’s no obligation. The whole team at Cariocca is here to fast-track you to a successful business future in every possible way. So why not come and experience our ‘can-do’ buzz for yourself. ...

Andrew Rust

Andrew Rust Director, Wareworks

Every electronic product starts as an idea and Wareworks specialise in turning those ideas into reality – by helping companies or individuals from across the UK to develop a new product, improving an existing one while reducing the cost or simply speeding up the design process so that...

Ben Ikin with his father Barry

Ben Ikin, Active Energy Direct

Active Energy Direct is a specialist broker providing low-cost energy deals to businesses, often securing unique savings from the big energy companies to pass on to clients. The company now employs 50 people and is still expanding – although Ben recalls the company’s very modest begin...

RW Bespoke Events Staff

Kirsten Inverarity Managing Director, RW Bespoke Events

From its hub at Cariocca in Ardwick, RW Bespoke Events is the name behind event catering at prestigious venues like Arley Hall Gardens, Ness Botanic Gardens and at the Cheshire Show. Sister company Mosaic Hospitality, which is run from the same office, provides the catering for the Es...

Bob Stapley and Staff

The view of an ex-tenant

Some businesses who started out at Cariocca have grown so much that even our large parks could no longer accommodate their needs for extra space. Bob Stapley moved on in 2011, but tells us he still has fond memories of his time in Cariocca Ardwick… ...

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Where We Are

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